There are so many ways to create a magical memory in the Cairngorms, whether you are looking to pump your adrenaline, explore at leisure or, in stillness, soothe your soul…

For some, the highlight is bungee jumping off a high bridge. For others it’s pootling along on a bike taking in the stunning scenery. For others it’s bathing in a forest glen with no sound but the tweeting of birds and rustling of wildlife. Whatever makes your heart sing, you can find it here.

Cairngorms Wild Swimmers at Loch Morlich
Cairngorms Wild Swimmers at Loch Morlich
The Cairngorms are a feast for your senses and, whatever sense you want to stimulate, you will find the perfect experience here

Visitors often say that one reason they return often to the Cairngorms National Park is the amount of different things to do that are easily and quickly accessible within the boundaries.

Clearly, one of the biggest pulls is experiences in nature, where you can feed your senses while being active – think wild swimming, high ropes walking, biking, snowsports, climbing, bouldering, gorge walking, kayaking… to name just a very few! You name it, you’ll (probably) be able to experience it.

Feeding the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd
Feeding the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd
Another reason visitors return year after year is that the Cairngorms are genuinely an all-year-round destination

Depending what time of year you want to visit, the experience you have will be different – not least because the scenery is so strikingly different and unique at different times of year, that it can feel like a completely different place… yet with a sense of familiarity! A perfect combination, we think.

Feeding the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd in winter, for instance, is a totally different experience from this activity on a mid-summer’s, hot day, both magical and memorable in their own right.


What are the most exciting, adrenaline-pumping activities in the Park?

There are so many! There’s bungee jumping in Killiecrankie, a zip line on Alvie Estate and high ropes in Rothiemurchus – and those are just three suggestions for starters. Or, you could hop on a horse, into a canoe on the rapids, onto a quad bike, or go-kart, if that is more your preferred type of adrenaline rush. The best thing to do is browse our listings of local providers for inspiration.

What are the best family experiences in the Cairngorms National Park?

The Cairngorms is the perfect family destination as there are such a wide variety of activities available for family members of all ages. Obviously, with the beauty of the Park, many families flock here to get closer to nature and want to get out hiking, biking or taking part in snow sports. All these activities can be done easily, and accessibly, at different levels so everyone can find an adventure to suit them. There is plenty of inspiration, too, on this website for walks and bike rides for all the family. There are two watersports centre, too, one at Loch Morlich and one at Loch Insh where you can have family lessons, or you could hire an outdoor provider if you wanted to be even more adventurous and take part in activities such as family gorge walking or tubing down the rapids!

What are the best slower-paced experiences in the Park?

As well as high-octane adventure, there is plenty of more chilled out, relaxing experiences to be had in the Park, too. Forest bathing, for instance, when people move slowly through the scenery, taking it all in rather than sprinting towards a summit, is becoming increasingly popular here. For people that want to take a slower, closer look hiring a guide can be the perfect experience. Browse our comprehensive listings for local providers. Or, if it’s an indoor experience you’re after, the Park can offer some fantastic spa packages, too.

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