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The splendour of the stunning Cairngorms scenery has inspired many an artist, of many different disciplines…

Whatever kind of art you like, you will find a gallery that caters to your taste. There are some themed around adventure, others showing contemporary or fine art and others dedicated to crafts, sculpture or jewellery. You name it, you’ll find it!

The stunning views and changing landscapes of the Cairngorms have inspired many an artist and you can see this on visiting the excellent, varied art venues in the Park.

Artists have vented their inspiration in a number of different media too, which means there are galleries showcasing oil paintings, sketches, fused glass works, pottery, photography, interactive displays and much more!

You’ll find art galleries and venues dotted throughout the entire Park, some on the high street and others right off the beaten track.

There are art galleries, for example, in the likes of Aviemore, Kingussie and Grantown-on-Spey but, if you want to combine with a roadtrip adventure, you’ll also fine the ‘Lost Gallery’ located deep in the beguiling tranquility of Glen Nochty, near Strathdon, just off the SnowRoads or the Butterworth Gallery on the eastern edge of the Cairngorms.

Artists marvel about how the stunning scenery demands their full senses and attention, leading to a sense of connection with the Cairngorms.

Why not try seeing the landscapes through your own artistic lens? Try really honing in on the light through the trees, or on the mountains, or the way the snow settles like a heavy blanket on the pine trees… Artists often say they create art because these special moments are hard to capture in words or even photos, so why not try your hand, too? If you need any inspiration from artists, why not visit a gallery first? 


Where can I go to see art inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Cairngorms National Park?

The Cairngorms has inspired many an artist and there are plenty of places in the Park to enjoy their art in a variety of mediums. For instance, there’s photography at Eleven41 Gallery in Kingussie, there’s contemporary art at The Laundry Gallery in Aviemore and there’s a glass fusing gallery, Fused and Light, in Kingussie.

Browse the museum listings here for inspiration and you’ll soon see something you like.

Any suggestions of what activities could be combined with a trip to a gallery or exhibition?

The perfect combination would be a trip to a gallery and a walk in the landscapes themselves. Some of our venues are ideally places for this. For example, there’s the Loch an Eilein gallery which you could combine with a 5K walk around the loch.

Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you could create a road trip around visiting The Lost Gallery which is set deep in Glen Nochty and involves a delightful drive around the woodlands of Strathdon in Upper Deeside.

Is it possible to eat at the galleries?

Generally, no, unless the exhibition is taking place at a venue such as a community hall, which is putting on refreshments. However, most art venues are located in villages where there are cafes and restaurants easily accessible.

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