Bears in the Cairngorms


If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise!

Bears have been spotted at a number of beauty spots in the Cairngorms!

One National Park Ranger exclaimed “I’ve been doing this job for years, I’ve never seen anything like it!”  

Locals are delighted to see the return of the bears, the last recorded sighting of a bear in the Cairngorms was back in the 1930’s, pre National Park times.  Despite that well known phrase, “does a bear sh*t in the woods,” bears are actually highly intelligent and are very clean living animals.  

An anonymous source said, “quite the opposite could be said of the bare faced cheek of a small minority of some of the wild campers we saw visiting last year, they left their litter everywhere, literally did sh*t in the woods and started fires,  all which can have a devastating impact on the environment.    As the lockdown rules are changing, we are excited to welcome visitors back, we’ve missed them and know that they too will respect this beautiful landscape and follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, paws for thought and not lose their bearings on caring for the Cairngorms”

Local MSP Winnie Le Ghrue said “I didn’t witness the mornings last summer, with campers waking from their slumbers to a bowl of porridge. I did see some empty Koka-Koala cans scattered around the beach and we must ensure for future generations that we all do the bear minimum, take only photographs and leave only footprints in the great outdoors. We don’t want any more pandamonium”

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