6 reasons to visit Glen Clova in the Angus Glens

Recently we took a trip along the snow roads and out of the Cairngorms into the very different countryside between Blairgowrie and Kirriemuir, (flatter, lush, green, rolling, berry growing country) and then back in to the Cairngorms National Park into the Angus Glens and Glen Clova, another completely different landscape.

So far removed from the rest of the Cairngorms from a logistical point of view but so close if you choose to walk over the mountain tops as the crow flies. Glen Clova is one of the five Angus Glens, offering amazing scenery and wildlife.

Here we look at 6 great reasons to explore Glen Clova and Glen Doll for yourself!

1. Escapism

Glen Clova is one of the quietest areas of the Cairngorms National Park. A single track road with a dead end, there is only one way in and one way out by car! This is a great place to escape to for relaxation, beautiful scenery, wildlife and amazing walking routes. Stay at the Glen Clova Luxury Lodges and relax in a hot tub and take in the beautiful views.

Glen Clova
Corrie Fee walk

2. Scenery

The scenery starts as open grazing land and as you journey further along the glen the mountains become more dominant and dramatic as you reach the end of Glen Clova up to Glen Doll. At Corrie Fee there are some dramatic cliffs and water falls. Walk along the fee burn or picnic by the River South Esk.

3. The Walking

There are some amazing walks in Glen Clova. You can start at the ranger base at Glen Doll at the top of Glen Clova, an area of steep hills, corries and Munros and make your way up to Corrie Fee, an amazing natural amphitheatre. There are lots of trails to choose from, alpine plants to spot which arrived during the last ice age and if you are really lucky you can see golden eagles overhead. Jock’s Road, a drove road of 20km is one of the best known long distance routes in the area and takes you from Glen Doll up and over a high plateau to near Ballater. Tales of cattle thieves and whisky smugglers who travelled the road abound. It is said in 1746, some 700 Highlanders took the route on the way to the battle of Culloden.

Glen Clova in the Angus Glens
The walk up to Corrie Fee

Glen Clova in the Angus Glens
Glen Doll Ranger Base

4. Accommodation and the warm welcome

Although Glen Clova is a remote spot on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park, the Glen Clova Hotel and Luxury Lodges provide a very welcome haven in which to stay. The hotel rooms are bright and comfortable and the lodges are a brilliant base for a longer stay with the added bonus of sauna and hot tub too. They have recently opened their new steading accommodation which features 8 additional twin, double and family rooms. A hydro system using the natural flow of water from Loch Brandy creates enough electricity to power the hotel, lodges and steading accommodation whilst heat is generated via a Biomass Boiler.

Lodge Bedroom at Glen Clova Hotel
Lodge Bedroom at Glen Clova Hotel

The Glen Clova Hotel
The Glen Clova Hotel

Glen Clova
Bathroom in the Glen Clova Hotel

5. Getting Married

Glen Clova is a beautiful setting for your wedding. The nearby picturesque little Clova Kirk just 2 minutes walk away can host your ceremony and you can celebrate with friends and family at the hotel. You can book out the whole hotel and lodges to accommodate up to 84 guests on an exclusive use basis and have a wedding with up to 120 attending. Long after the day passes you can look back contentedly on your wedding photos with the most amazing backdrops. For more wedding ideas have a look at our wedding blog.

6. The Food!

Glen Clova Hotel is family owned and the family farm produces the beef, lamb and potatoes that are used in the menu. Pheasant and lamb feature heavily and on the drive in along the glen you will see why…. After a long days walk in the glens you can be assured of a warm welcome and a hearty meal featuring seasonal produce. The hotel is open to non-residents.

Food served at the Glen Clova Hotel
Hearty, Tasty, Food served at the Glen Clova Hotel
Be sure to make a trip to the Angus Glens. The scenery will have you in awe.

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