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Pancakes from Glenshee Eco Camp

We’re often told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but not many of us have the time for a leisurely feast first thing in the morning. When you do, make the most of it and tuck it into something special.

We’ve got just the recipe for you with Glenshee Eco Camp’s Thick, Fluffy Pancakes served with Scottish Organic Butter and Canadian Organic maple Syrup.

Quick and easy to make, pancakes never disappoint – Glenshee Eco Camp have got this recipe spot on!

Ecocamp Glenshee

LLama at Glenshee Ecocamp

Glenshee Eco Camps is a glamping site neat Glenshee in the Southern Cairngorms run by Fiona and Simon Calvin. Their site is an eclectic mix of wooden pods, Shepherds Huts, Yurts and Bell Tents. The site has stunning views in all directions and is perfect for those who love walking, mountain biking or just enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the location. In addition to the range of glamping options you can also go llama trekking with llamas Jet, Attiucs and Bradford – how’s that for unique!

The site is run as sustainably as possible and the couple have a similar philosophy to the food produced at Ecocamp. ‘Quality and origin are so important to us and our customers’ says Fiona Calvin, ‘most of our non-perishable food is organic and sourced from a cooperative, our meat products are from Puddledub in Fife or Highland Drovers, our burgers and sausage predecessors can be seen on the hill around us!’

“One of our customers’ favourite breakfast recipes are our pancakes, served with organic butter and organic maple syrup; they have even been called legendary!”

Ecocamps’ Thick, Fluffy Pancakes served with Scottish Organic Butter and Canadian Organic maple Syrup

Makes 6 Pancakes


300g of organic self-raising organic flour,

2 heaped teaspoons of organic baking powder,

7 organic free range eggs

2 cartons of buttermilk (each is 284ml)

Pinch of organic sea salt

4 teaspoons of organic vanilla essence

Cold pressed Rapeseed Oil from Aberdeenshire for cooking

To Serve: Scottish organic butter and lashings of Canadian organic maple syrup!


Add all the dry ingredients to a large bowl.

With a hand balloon whisk, whisk all the wet ingredients until smooth, then add to the dry and whisk until smooth.

Heat the pan on a high heat with a small amount of rapeseed oil from Aberdeenshire, just coating the pan. You will need more oil for each pancake but less is more on the oil front!!

When hot and just starting to smoke turn heat down and using a soup ladle, put a ladle full of the mixture into the pan. Using a spatula, wait until the bubbles on the surface of the pancake start to pop and then carefully lift and flip over (this is the tricky part!)

Cook on the other side and place in a just warm oven on a warm plate. Check it’s cooked in the middle by using a sharp knife to pierce through, pop back if it needs more time. Complete using the rest of the mixture and keeping the pancake stack warm in the oven.





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