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Burn O` Vat

A circular walk from the Muir of Dinnet National Nature Reserve Visitor Centre takes you to this impressive geological feature known as the Burn O` Vat, a deep water gouged bowl that you can enter. Its a short walk to this impressive geological feature which begins at Burn O` Vat visitor centre car park.

There is also an option to take in a four mile circular route which will take around an hour and a half to two hours. Around 16 000 years ago, the area surrounding Burn O`Vat was covered by a glacial ice sheet.

As the area warmed the ice sheet began to melt, resulting in a torrent of meltwater that carried with it debris previously caught up in the glacial ice.

This debris, consisting of rocks and boulders, is thought likely to be the most important component of the formation of Burn O`Vat. It is thought that a rock, from the meltwater stream, became lodged in a small hollow on the river bed, causing the meltwater to flow around it in a spiralling motion.

This spiralling motion caused the bed underneath the rock to erode over a long period of time, creating a feature known as a pothole.

The pothole, known locally as `The Vat`, measures 18 metres across and 13 metres high, from present ground level..

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