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Connecting Contours Art Installation

One of three scenic route installation on the Snow Roads enticing you to discover new perspectives on stunning viewpoints.

Connecting Contours by Daniel Smith and Philip Zoechbauer offers a place of quiet contemplation surrounded by Glenshee hills. Located at the southern edge of the Cairngorms National Park, the Devil’s Elbow is a site of beauty and simplicity.

Connecting Contours seeks to enhance this dramatic setting by creating a subtle and respectful intervention, drawing on the contours of the landscape to create a new meandering walkway sculpted into the hillside. The site presents dramatic views to the South of the Devil’s Elbow and, as part of the installation, a new path and seating area acts as a ‘theatre of the landscape’ and a place to sit, pause and take in the striking views as they change in the Scottish light.

The seating is made from white acid-etched precast concrete units and draw on the white lines of existing scree slopes on the hills of the valley. .

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