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The Watchers Art Installation and A Moment in Time

One of three scenic route installation on the Snow Roads enticing you to discover new perspectives on stunning viewpoints.

Four specially commissioned sculptural seats by John Kennedy on the infamous A939 Lecht Road which sits at 637m above sea level offers spectacular views towards Corgarff Castle. Corgarff Castle was originally built in 1550 by the Forbes clan and has been a site of great significance for several tumultuous events throughout its history. Though small in scale, the white-harled Castle stands in stark isolation from its surroundings and has a monumental and evocative presence in an otherwise almost uninhabited landscape.

The Watchers installation has a significant relationship with the Castle, which was already established by the existing standing stone sculpture `A Moment in Time` by Louise Gardiner which was designed to frame telescopic views of the Castle. The Watchers adds some new but similar formed cowels clustered on the hillside close to the existing standing stone.

These contain seating and provide hooded shelters for individuals in a wind and snow-swept environment.

Each cowl is formed like origami from folded sheets of steel.

As a group, the cowls contribute to the evocative atmosphere of the site.

The abstract nature of these enveloping cowls invites various interpretation as to what they might be: a henge, a herd on a hillside, armoured figures, helmets, a group of martial figures, tents, crows, ruins, standing stones or whisky stills....

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