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Kindrochit Castle (Ruin)

Kindrochit Castle is a ruined 14th-century fortification located on the banks of the Clunie River in Braemar. Kindrochit Castle was built mainly as a base for royal hunts but became a strategic power-base on the banks of the Clunie Water, a tributary of the River Dee.

Braemar in medieval days was at the crossroads of two important routes including the link between Aberdeenshire and Perthshire via the Cairnwell Pass, now the A93, and the route from the north across the Mounth to Angus via Glen Callater and Jock’s road.

Other routes of lesser importance also converged on Braemar, so that whoever controlled the area was in a position of great strength.

Kindrochit Castle is known to have been in regular use by the Scottish kings until the 16th century, but it is believed to have fallen into disuse during the reign of King James V, and was certainly ruinous by 1618.

The ruins comprise of the ground floor of the tower and an interpretation board will tell you more about its historic stories. .

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