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St Andrew`s Kirkyard

This historic kirkyard is said to be the first church in Scotland dedicated to St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. St Andrews Chapel is thought to be the earliest dedication to St Andrew in Scotland.

It was located in what is now Braemar’s graveyard at the east of the village near to Braemar Castle.

The first chapel was a small wooden structure, which was rebuilt a number of times on the same site.

The latest chapel, built of granite, was demolished completely in the mid-19th century when a new parish church was built nearby.

The site of these chapels is now occupied by the large and imposing Farquharson Mausoleum, which has granite walls and a slate roof. The chapel is thought to have been founded in the mid-8th century after a meeting between Angus MacFergus, King of the Picts, and Acca, Bishop of Hexham who had fled Northumberland.

The king honoured the relics of St Andrew the bishop had brought with him and a chapel was constructed in his honour.

Also in the kirkyard is the grave of Peter Grant who was captured at the Battle of Culloden but escaped from Carlisle Castle while awaiting trial.

The story also goes that the body of Black Colonel John Farquharson was originally buried in the kirkyard too, despite his request to be buried in Inverey.

But after the coffin resurfaced above ground many times, it was finally reburied in Inverey. .

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