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An Camas Mor

'The Community Council proposed the Aviemore sister community with a Countryside Park on both sides of the River Spey in 1987; we have been involved in its design and have supported it ever since.,,,,John Grierson, Chair of Aviemore & Vicinity Community Council.

An Camas Mor, the other side of the river Spey from Aviemore, is being taken forward by An Camas Mor LLP to include homes, jobs, a school, shops, workshops, offices, new paths and playing fields and a countryside park; it is planned to take some 30 years to complete by which time Aviemore and An Camas Mor together will be of a size that will sustain a wide range of public services.

International architects Gehl have been involved with Aviemore and An Camas Mor since 2005; they say 'regardless of the complexity of a project, our process always begins with people which is why we turn the design process upside down and start our projects by planning for life first - then space- then buildings.' David Sim of Gehl, born and educated in Scotland, has spent much time listening to local experiences and aspirations and he has led 9 stakeholder workshops and 5 public meetings.

The plan for An Camas Mor was awarded status as an exemplar of a sustainable community by the Scottish Government under The Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative.

The Highland Small Communities Housing Trust is advising the developers on how best to enable people who work locally to afford the homes in perpetuity.

An Camas Mor is an opportunity to have a world class community to compliment the quality of landscape and ecology of the area..

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