Green loch


The Green Loch – Home Of The Fairies

An Lochan Uaine is also known as the Green Loch. It’s a small, freshwater loch located in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. 

The loch is enchanting, surrounded by newly regenerated Caledonian pine trees and other native broadleaf such as willow, rowan and birch.

The trees are beautiful, but the real magic lies in the emerald water of the loch itself, this freshwater plunge pool is a mesmerising green, some say it’s from the trees reflecting in the water, some say it’s from the algae within the loch…but legend has it that it’s from the fairies washing their clothes at night…magical!

The walk up to the Loch through Glenmore Forest is lovely, walking beside a stream for around a mile.  It will take around 45 minutes, depending on if you have wee ones in tow.  

Green loch
The beautiful Green Loch

Parking is at the Allt Mor Car Park which is just past the snow gates at the Hayfield on your left hand side.  Earlier in the morning or later in the evening will typically be slightly quieter…and it might boost your chances of spying the fairies!

Cycling is also a brilliant option – the off road route the Old Logging Way from Aviemore is a lovely run into Glenmore, and you can then follow the path up to the Loch.  Travelling under your own steam makes it a bit more of an adventure – the Cairngorms by bike is an absolute treat and its down hill on the way home.

Jumping on a bus is another cracking choice – the Aviemore Adventurer has a super regular service, especially in the summer months, and will take you into the heart of Glenmore.  You could even pop into the Pine Marten Bar, this iconic spot has a chilled vibe, a warm welcome and a cracking cool pint of ale.

Cycling along the Old Logging Way

The National Park is home to 25% of the UK’s rare and endangered species, so keeping your eyes peeled for the wonderful wildlife that call this place home is a must.  If you spot something interesting, enjoy it quietly from afar – we love to see these guys but they don’t want to see us!  

Parking: The Allt Mor Car Park, located in the Glenmore Forest Park.  From Aviemore, follow the A95 to the Glenmore Forest Park. Turn left onto the B970 and follow the signs for the Allt Mor Car Park.

Travelling by bus: There is a bus stop located near the car park with a very regular bus service on the Stagecoach Aviemore Adventurer Bus.

Travelling by bike: follow the Old Logging Way from Aviemore.

The Aviemore Adventurer Bus at Cairngorm Mountain. Image: Cairngorm Mountain

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