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  1. 21st May 2024
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  3. 19th August 2024
  4. 9th September 2024
  5. 7th October 2024
  6. 11th November 2024

Join award-winning musician, music tutor and experienced performer, Hamish Napier, in these local folk music workshops that:

– are open to melody and chord players alike,
– are open to people age 16+ who play a folk instrument at intermediate to advanced level,
– are suitable for both by-ear players and those who can read a little music,
– will build confidence, theoretical ideas and techniques, in a relaxed, fun and supportive environment,
– will show you how to interpret Scottish folk tunes and accompany using chord sequences
– will focus on local traditional tunes with links to the Badenoch & Strathspey landscape and heritage
– will give participants the opportunity to arrange some tunes together as a group, to perform at the monthly Storylands Sessions Late Show community concerts

The Braemar Nature Festival 10-19 May programme has landed!

Through a fantastic collaborative effort we have been able to pull together over 20 events over the week covering everything from health and nature walks to film nights, bat and moth safari’s to a Wood Ant walk. Several of our local estates are offering exciting events to learn more about the work they are undertaking, show you some of their wildlife and have the opportunity to assist with some conservation volunteering.

Discover more about Braemars past with a fascinating glaciology walk, learn how to use camera traps to their full extent and become a mountain hare surveyor; these are just a few of the events we have planned.

A full programme complete with booking links is available here:…/braemar-nature-festival-2024

If you are an individual, organisation or business who would like to get involved then please do get in touch either here or [email protected]; the more people we can engage with nature the better!

And finally please spread the word. You can save this jpeg and circulate it to any groups and individuals who may be interested or print it out and place in your business window for everyone to see!

We look forward to seeing you all in May.

We are delighted to be hosting Fiona Hunter, one of the founders of Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS), for an afternoon in our tipi dedicated to raising awareness and money for this wonderful cause. A chance to learn about the incredible work CHAS does to support children with life-shortening conditions and their families and to hear first hand from parents who are receiving essential support and respite for themselves and their 4 year old daughter Evelyn.

You will also have the opportunity to partake in breathwork, Somatics and yoga related methods which focus on managing and reducing stress with Katie White and Carrie Wilde, two fabulous local yoga teachers. And who doesn’t love a cup of tea and a bit of cake?!

Together, we can make a difference and show our support for this important cause. We’d love to see you there!

All ticket sales go directly to CHAS

In this talk, Nigel will show us some exclusive behind the scenes footage from his most recent films, featuring bears, bee eaters and eagle owls in Slovakia, leopards, oryx and hamadryas baboons in Arabia.

Much conservation activity serves to stop or, more dismally, merely slow the rate of biodiversity loss. But I will argue in this talk that island restoration offers the possibility of a net biodiversity gain, potentially in perpetuity. This is especially true when invasive species threatening native wildlife can be eradicated. The talk will particularly focus on projects around the world that have removed rats, goats and cats from oceanic islands over the past 30 years. During this time expertise has grown and projects on ever-larger islands have become achievable, with clear gains for seabirds and other threatened native species.

Over the past 30 years, it has become possible to document the geographical movements and activities of seabirds when they are out of sight and beyond the horizon of the land-bound observer. This has been achieved via electronic devices attached to the birds. An overview of these findings forms the basis of Michael Brooke’s talk; the depths (up to 500m) reached by diving penguins, the 10,000 km loops undertaken in 20 days by petrels during incubation while the mate incubates, the speeds (130 km/hr) attained by albatrosses blasted across the Southern Ocean by a tailwind.

In this talk, Nigel will give a rendition of some of his encounters with unique birds and visits to seabird cities on Mauritius, the Galapagos island, French Polynesia and on Lord Howe island

Gary Hodgson is a professional mountain leader and wildlife photographer living in Aviemore. He has been photographing the amazing wildlife that lives in the high Cairngorms for over a fifteen years. In this evenings talk Gary will be describing how he achieves his images in one of the most demanding mountain environments in the UK. He will be presenting some of his photography with species that can be seen in the spring & summer seasons.

We are once again looking forward to our Festival of Words, held at various locations in Kingussie. More information will follow soon. We look forward to seeing you there!

Join foraging expert Tamara Colchester on a three-hour spring walk that will introduce participants to around 15 wild, edible and medicinal trees, flowers and plants, along with their etymology, folklore and how best to prepare them.

Learn as you go about poisonous plants, and how to safely identify and avoid them. This meditative, sensory walk will take you into the riotous abundance of spring, ending in a foraged herbal tea with delicious cakes and biscuits prepared with wild ingredients.

Ticket price: £45 per person, children (under 16 years old) £20.

Time: 10.30am – 1.30pm

When: Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May

Where: The walk will take roughly 3 hours and will remain within the Gardens & Grounds of Blair Castle, so an ability to manage this distance is required.

About foraging expert, Tamara Colchester

Over the past eight years, Tamara has been studying wild plants and her journey began when she was carrying out research for a film about hunter-gatherers. Inspired by her initial findings, she embraced the idea of discovering how people can live off the land in the Northern Hemisphere and in particular the UK. She has built up an incredible knowledge of plants, their food and medicinal benefits, as well as becoming attuned to the seasons and understanding how our eating requirements change and adapt with the weather. In addition to learning about the plants, herbs, trees and flowers in the UK, she has also taken time to understand animal tracking, as to survive in the Northern Hemisphere an omnivore diet is essential.

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