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  1. 3rd August 2024
  2. 24th August 2024
  3. 21st September 2024
  4. 29th September 2024

A two hour walk in the Grantown area with expert forager and tracker Dan Puplett and learn about the edible plants and fungi that grow wild on our doorstep.

Excellent for complete beginners to foraging.

First people of the Spey talk From the Metal Cultures to Picts and Early Christians
With Dr Steve Goodall

The Grant Arms Hotel (free entry)

Braemar Local History Group are delighted to be planning our usual programme of Winter Talks for 2024/25.

They will be advertised again nearer each date on Facebook, to other local History Groups and around the village with posters, but here’s the chance to get them into your diary.

The talks are all at 7.30pm on the date shown in Braemar Village Hall. Entry is £3.00 and includes light refreshments afterwards.

All welcome, and we look forward to seeing you there!

15th September, 2024The Life of a Redcoat at Braemar Castle (Maureen Kelly)
20th October, 2024Street Furniture of Upper Deeside (Steve Johnson)
17th November, 2024Scotland Beneath the Surface (Bruce Keith)
19th January, 2025Life as the Braemar GP (Donald Cruickshank and Doug Glass)
16th February, 2025Heraldry on Royal Deeside (Alex Green)  
16th March, 2025Churches of Upper Deeside (Tom Kelly) (The talk will be preceded by the AGM at 7.00)

Join us for an event like no other!

Start time picnic talk: 10:00
Start time walk: 11:00

Time: 10:00 AM
Bring your own snacks and join us for an engaging outdoor talk where we’ll explore the sustainable practices of the historic Highland population. You will also have a chance to see how natural products were utilised. Items might include handmade rope, brushes, charms, and even some samples of food to try.

This session will blend historical information and captivating stories, providing a tangible connection to the past. The talk will last approximately 1 hour, including a Q&A session.

Guided Walk:
Time: 11:00 AM
Part two of the event takes us on a scenic walk in Glen Banchor. We’ll delve deeper into the availability of natural ressources for the historic Highland communities and discuss ways of living harmoniously with the land.
The walk, including breaks for discussion, will last between 1.5 to 2 hours. We’ll follow a 1.86 km route up the first part of Creag Bheag, avoiding the steepest sections. Depending on the group’s pace and interest, we can extend the walk with a visit to the nearby river.

Event Highlights:
Historical Insights: Discover how industrialisation and colonialism disrupted sustainable practices and contributed to the current climate crisis.
Traditional Stories: Hear tales that highlight the deep connection between people and the landscape, showcasing the wisdom and sustainable knowledge from the past.
Environmental Roots of the Scottish Enlightenment: Learn about the ‘improvers’ and ecologists who used the Highlands as a great outdoor laboratory, leading to improvement schemes and the resulting anxieties over overpopulation, resource exhaustion, and physical limits.
Evolution of the Idea of Progress: Explore how progress was once linked to moral and spiritual advancement but became increasingly associated with scientific and technological development, economic growth, and material advancement.
Sustainability Origins: Discuss the origins of the concept of sustainability.
Interactive Experience: Engage in conversations about sustainable practices, living with the land, and how to use our environment without abusing it.

An evening talk with a difference, keen all round Naturalist and TV Presenter Nick Baker will give us a live introduction to the hidden and private lives of some of our overlooked “small folk”. We will find out more about their life cycles and stories, a fascinating insight into a hidden world.

‘Britain’s Hidden Fishes’ is a pioneering one-hour documentary shot by professional underwater and wildlife cameraman, Jack lakes and rivers to put a spotlight on the underdogs of British fauna; our fish. Narrated by Jeremy Wade, this film was shot over the course of two years to bring stories, behaviours and footage never seen before of British fish. It brings a new light on the intriguing behaviours and diversity of fish, bringing light to an often overlooked part of the natural world which we live alongside. Fondly nicknamed “The Fish Twitcher”, you may have enjoyed seeing some of Jack’s underwater work on TV programmes such as BBC Springwatch, The One Show and Countryfile – along with the recent David Attenborough documentary, Wild Isles. Jack is also author of the Freshwater Fishes of Britain and the Field Guide to Pond & River Wildlife of Britain & Europe, and hosts discussions on nature on his popular podcast, The Bearded Tit.

Rivers are without a doubt my favourite habitat to photograph having been to highland streams, Hampshire’s chalk streams and large midland rivers like the Severn and Trent. Follow me down a British river seeing what they have on show. From drone shots high above to lots of underwater photography this unique talk shows Britain’s river life as never seen before.

With the UK being the most nature depleted nation in Europe – is it too late to reverse the tide? This talk looks at the positives and negatives and hopefully offers some promise for the future.!

Natures Haven – From Reed beds, Fens, Cliffs, heaths to Saltmarsh. This region really does have them all . Find out why this area recognised as Britain’s most ecologically diverse and the wildlife that lives there.

Come along and enjoy a fun 45minute class where kids will use existing pre cut stencils or cut their own (with help of accompanying adult) and screen print either a wooden wall tile or tote bag.

This is a fun way for kids to try screen printing and take home a ‘me made’ product.

Suitable for children age 5+
Class run by Timber and Stitch Studio

Where is this event being held?

leaving from Grantown Museum

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