19th April 2024 @ 8.00pm - 12.00am

The Cuban Brothers & Shaka Loves You

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  1. 19th April 2024

It’s long been said that Cubans sing when they speak, dance when they walk, and woo with a love song.

So it should be of little surprise that The Cuban Brothers’ peerless funk soul review blends sexy, SOULFUL MUSIC, with jaw-dropping B-BOY ACTION and RIOTOUS COMEDY.

From humble beginnings, Miguel Mantovani, Young Dominico and Kengo San have built Los Hermanos Cubanos – The Cuban Brothers – into a legendary outfit that continuously sells out shows across the globe.

The Brothers have recently been extending their family, with Shaka Loves You becoming honorary members and touring together.

This will be kick ass. And will sell out. Don’t hang about for tickets.

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