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The Cairngorm Reindeer are the only reindeer herd who live and roam freely in their natural habitat here in the UK. We’re offering a 25% discount for visiting our Paddocks and Exhibition – the perfect introduction to reindeer! As well as being able to see a small group of reindeer, there is lots of information about every aspect of reindeer plus quizzes for children. This is the perfect alternative for those who can?t take part in our Hill Trips due to the weather or difficult terrain, offering a personal introduction to the reindeer in the more sheltered conditions in the glen. Please note that whilst you will get a close up view of the reindeer here, there is no direct contact with them and no opportunity to feed them. If you would like a more in-depth activity, please enquire about our guided Hill Trips. This event is part of the Cairngorms Nature Festival which runs from 12 – 21 May 2023. It’s a ten day festival with over 80 exciting events across the Cairngorms National Park celebrating the incredible landscapes and nature found here.

To see full event details and book events please visit: https://www.cairngormsnaturefestival.co.uk/

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