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Raptor Identification 2-Day Masterclass

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Aims of the course
Raptors are notoriously difficult to identify as views may be brief or distant and many are similar in shape. The course helps you recognise the various species and compare those that are tricky to tell apart, covering all regular UK species of raptor, with a focus on those found in the Cairngorms National Park including scarcer ones. It will give you a way forward to improve your raptor identification skills, with tips on what to look out for when out in the field.

​What to Expect
The course is based near Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park and runs over two days, with a day in the ‘classroom’ and a day in the ‘field’.

The ‘classroom’ day will cover all aspects of raptor plumage, structure, flight, habitat and some calls, how to tell the difficult species apart and a host of other useful hints and tips.

The ‘field’ day will be out in suitable habitat for a selection of species, to put into practice what was learned the day before.

Prior to the course date you will receive joining instructions detailing the structure of the weekend and what to bring with you. You will need binoculars and if you have a telescope, you may find it useful. We recommend the Collins Bird Guide for identification purposes, but if you have another field guide, please bring it with you.

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