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Moray Walking Festival – Bee Walking

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Distance: 2.5 miles / 4 km
Grade: Easy Plus (info)
Leader: Annie Ives
Dogs: Sorry, dogs are not allowed
Category: Nature, Walk

Bumblebees need our help! In the UK, two species of bumblebee have gone extinct in the last 100 years, and a further seven are on national conservation priority lists due to concerns about their large-scale declines. Monitoring bumblebees is an essential part of helping with their conservation. Finding out where different species of bumblebees are thriving and where they aren’t doing so well helps to target conservation efforts to where they are needed most and can have the biggest impact.

Join Annie Ives from Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Mark Johnston from Glenlivet Estate to learn more about bumblebees and how you could help survey for them, from simply identifying and recording bumblebees in your back garden to becoming a ‘BeeWalker’ – counting the bumblebees you see on a fixed monthly walking route.

At this event, we will start indoors, brushing up on our knowledge of bumblebee identification and surveying methods, before heading outside on to Glenlivet Estate for a walk-through demonstration on our 1.5km ‘BeeWalk’ bumblebee survey route through grassland, woodland and moorland, working together to identify and count bumblebees along the way.

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WhatThreeWords – elbowed.sank.bogus

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