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Identification Workshop: Moths: Spring Scottish Specialities

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Spring Scottish Specialities – 28-29 April 2023
Wild Discovery is running a series of Lepidoptera events aimed at finding some of the UK’s rarest or most difficult to see species. All the profits from these workshops will go to Butterfly Conservation helping to support projects that monitor, protect and manage these superb species.

Our target species are Kentish Glory, Netted Mountain Moth, Rannoch Brindled Beauty, Sword Grass, and Small Dark Yellow Underwing. Secondary possibilities include Large Red-belted Clearwing, Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth, Scarce Prominent, Broom-tip and Birch Mocha. Two nights, two days.

Where is this event being held?

The workshop will cover habitats in Upper Deeside, from Braemar, Crathie & Ballater.

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