14th October 2023 @ 01.30pm - 04.30pm

Halloween Adventure Day

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  1. 14th October 2023
  2. 15th October 2023
  3. 19th October 2023
  4. 21st October 2023
  5. 22nd October 2023
  6. 25th October 2023
  7. 28th October 2023
  8. 29th October 2023
  9. 31st October 2023

Join us for three hours of scarily-good fun in the outdoors this October. Start by decorating your very own pumpkin pal before heading up to our archery range to use him as your terrifying target! Our ghostly hosts will be on hand to help you master your aim with a bow and arrow.

Afterwards, you’ll be treated to a roaring bonfire that’s perfect for toasting some tasty marshmallow treats and sipping on a warm chocolate drink. The Cairngorms are home to a whole host of frightening folklore tales that are perfect for some spooky storytelling!

Once you’re fuelled and ready for warfare, we’ll get you kitted up to take on BattleZone Laser Tag! You and your troops will be needed for our digital zombie shoot-off using infra-red technology guns.

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