6th - 8th September 2024

Glenmore 24

When is this event?

  1. 6th September 2024
  2. 7th September 2024
  3. 8th September 2024

Glenmore 24 is a 12/24hr trail race held in the Glenmore forest outside Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands.

Situated near Loch Morlich, the location is stunning and completely off road. The route is a 4 mile loop starting at ‘The Hayfield’ then heading out on to the forest trails passing Loch Morlich with a water stop at 2 miles.

There’s a wee hill between miles 2 and 3!

The main race route is in full operation for 12/24hr hour with an option at 11/23hr to join a small 400m loop for the last hour. It is worth noting that if you start a 4 mile loop and don’t complete it within the 12/24hr time, the distance will not be recorded. All 400m loops are counted and recorded using a measuring wheel.

The Hayfield will be set up as a runners welfare area. Runner’s aid stations can be set up around the perimeter tap where the runner’s crew can service them on each lap.

Where is this event being held?

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