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Festive Forest Bathing Under the Night Sky

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We can Forest Bathe all year round and during winter we can seek shelter under the vast Scots Pine canopy and with the chance of crisp, clear skies we’ll combine our forest bathing session with star gazing once our eyes have woken up to the darkness and tuned in to our surroundings.

Forest Bathing Walks, or Shinrin-yoku is the practice of immersing yourself in nature; ‘bathing’ in the awesome goodness that trees release into the atmosphere; reaping the benefits from magic little things called ‘phytoncides’ and receiving mental calmness from the fractal patterns, vibrant shades of green and calming blues around us – what better place to do this than the Cairngorms National Park.

We shall aim to be out for 1 hour and I will guide you through a series of ‘meditations’ aimed at opening your senses and reconnecting you with yourself and the environment around you. My co-guide Pete, will spend time interpreting the night sky for us and allowing us time to explore the stars before we finish with tea, hot chocolate and festive snacks to bring our experience to a close and thank the land we have been supported by during the session.

Loch Garten, Abernethy Reserve – meet at Loch Mallachie Car Park.

Where is this event being held?

We’ll meet at the Loch Mallachie car park, near Loch Garten on the Abernethy Reserve.

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