@ 8.30pm - 10pm

Evening Talk: Hungary in the Autumn by Paul Rogers

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The Hortabagy National Park is in the Great Plain in the centre of Hungary and is a critical stopping off place for species on their migration southwards. Dotterel can be present in large numbers and Montague Harriers hunt the grasslands. Sakar Falcons seek out Susliks before they hibernate. Winters are long and cold and many species move into towns to find food including Long-eared Owls and several species of woodpeckers. Hawfinches are common in the old woods feeding on hornbeam seeds. Man-made fishponds are dotted with wildfowl including huge numbers of geese including Red-breasted and the endangered Lesser Whitefront. White-tailed Eagles compete with Otters and gulls.Perhaps the most memorable sights and sounds is thousands of Common Cranes coming in to roost after feeding in the fields against the setting sun, a real avian spectacular.

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