20th November 2024 @ 8.30pm - 10pm

Evening Film Show: Britain’s Hidden Fishes by Jack Perks

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  1. 20th November 2024

‘Britain’s Hidden Fishes’ is a pioneering one-hour documentary shot by professional underwater and wildlife cameraman, Jack lakes and rivers to put a spotlight on the underdogs of British fauna; our fish. Narrated by Jeremy Wade, this film was shot over the course of two years to bring stories, behaviours and footage never seen before of British fish. It brings a new light on the intriguing behaviours and diversity of fish, bringing light to an often overlooked part of the natural world which we live alongside. Fondly nicknamed “The Fish Twitcher”, you may have enjoyed seeing some of Jack’s underwater work on TV programmes such as BBC Springwatch, The One Show and Countryfile – along with the recent David Attenborough documentary, Wild Isles. Jack is also author of the Freshwater Fishes of Britain and the Field Guide to Pond & River Wildlife of Britain & Europe, and hosts discussions on nature on his popular podcast, The Bearded Tit.

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