16th March 2024


When is this event?

  1. 16th March 2024

Glenshee likes to keep us on our toes. Historically, there has either been not enough snow or too much snow. However, there is no denying when Glenshee is good, she is very good.

If conditions allow, we do plan to hold the British Skimo Championships on Saturday 16th March 2024 at Glenshee.

For those in the know, there seems to be little point in advertising a course because it always changes. Who knows where we will go but there will be multiple ascents and descents. There is very likely to be more than one lap with a harsh cut off time – dictated by the fastest racer of the day. The final course will only be known on the day but the maps below will give some idea for ideal conditions. The fastest racer is declared the winner.

We will plan to race on Saturday 16th March but if the conditions are unfavourable we will race on the Sunday. We will not reschedule this race if we have to cancel.

Image credit Ed Smith.

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