@ 10.00am - 4.00pm

Dino Days at Landmark

When is this event?

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If you haven’t visited our year-round attraction, DINOSAUR KINGDOM- now is your chance!

Come nose to muzzle with your Jurassic Park favourites – Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Velociraptors and even the dreaded Tyrannosaurus Rex! Did we mention that they’re HUGE!? Our resident diplodocuses are each 90 feet long. That’s as long as three London buses…

We have special extra dino-tastic activities for you…check these out…

Our little Triceratops has gone missing again! Visit the Dinosaur Kingdom to ‘unscramble’ the highlighted letters on the crossword to find her Mystery location! Pick up your crossword and pen at the Reception upon arrival.

Bamboozeleum is under attack! Pesky Robosaur clones have taken over and are multiplying quickly. How many Robosaur clones do you encounter in Bamboozeleum? Scan the QR code to enter the competition for the chance to win your very own Dinosaur Robot!

Don’t forget to visit the Dino Dig exhibit at the Dinosaur Kingdom! Little archaeologists should keep their eyes peeled when uncovering the dinosaur skeleton as they might be lucky to find a mini dinosaur egg containing a little surprise. New eggs are put out once a day (before opening), so you’ll need to be quick!

Why not come to the park dressed as your favourite dinosaur!? Each week our favourite dinosaur will win themselves (and their family) a FREE family day pass for a visit in the summer. Don’t forget to share your photos with us! You can either send them to us in a Facebook message or use the #landmarkforestadventurepark in one of your posts on Instagram.

Pick up an activity sheet from the Bamboozeleum make your very own mini Robosaur at home! All you’ll need is some sticky tape and scissors. Follow the instructions on the sheet and let us know how you get on!

Where is this event being held?

Landmark is situated at the south end of the village of Carrbridge, which is 23 miles south of Inverness and 7 miles north of Aviemore, just off the A9.

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