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Dark Skies and Wilderness Cairngorms Evening

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Come and say goodbye to winter time and hello to Daylight Saving Hours in the magical landscape of the Northern Cairngorms. In collaboration with Alison from Adventures for the Soul, we’re marking the change of time with a trip back in time to walk around the Northern Cairngorms at twilight into night. We’ll be exploring our senses using some mindfulness techniques to give us the wow factor, and if we get clear skies, we’ll look at the universe and our place in it.

Winter is never far off in the Cairngorms. It is Britain’s highest, coldest and windiest plateau, retaining relics from the ice age. This time of year it could still be full winter up on the plateau. However, unless we get a calm night and some snow-free lower hills, we’ll be lower down in the forests among the pine.

During these evenings, we explore deep time geology, deep history, the stars and planets as well as our own senses walking at night.

Late winter, early spring in the Cairngorms is absolutely incredible. The winter snow often still glitters in the setting sun whereas it can get warm in the glens lower down during the day.

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