@ 10.00am - 4.00pm

Christmas fun at Landmark

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Come and experience all our new Christmas activities and exhibits this December!

Letter to Santa
Have you written your letter to Santa yet? No, well we have everything you need to write your letters at our magical posting station in Bamboozeleum.Watch out for the elves coming through the Elf Portal to collect your letters from our magical postbox. They will keep checking in, right up until Christmas Eve. Santa might have a letter for you too!!

Winter Mystical Mashup
Santa and some of his wintery friends have mysteriously teleported into our Tropical Hot House and are having a blast in tropical style… see how many of these unusual guests you can spot and what they are getting up to?

Duetting Reindeer
Stop in and see our talented duetting reindeer, singing some of your favourite Christmas songs in Wonderwoods! Don’t worry, they are more than happy for you to join in if you know the words (or… even if you don’t!).

Majestic Unicorn
A truly majestic unicorn has blessed us with it’s presence at Reception- who would like a selfie with this magical beauty?

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