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Ballater Victoria Week

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At the time of writing this, I’m glad to announce that BVW is not postponed for this year…yet. We are planning to hold some events and are tiptoeing through the Covid regulations to see what can be done. The working title for this at the moment is BVW Lite, If anyone can come up with a better name we’d be glad to hear it. Basically we can have all the smaller events and fun, but the Big Events like the Fayre and Parade won’t be possible…

This actually works really well, in theory, BVW has always been lots of events under one umbrella, so if you as a business or group fancy putting something on we can include it in the programme. We learnt a few tricks last year by being all virtual, so hopefully even if you can’t make it to Ballater, or just fancy joining in from Home, there will be stuff to do.

We can run a lot of the children’s activities such as potted sports, story telling, crafts etc. We should be able to show a film or two. Whilst it is difficult to run a socially distanced pantomime horse event, its not impossible. We’re looking at outdoor bingo, treasure hunts and various walks that can be held. Add in a smattering of pet and sporting events we are nearly there. DJ Slim Ade is plotting a Disco, of some description. We’ll keep the Thursday free, and see if there’s a few things that can be done.

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