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A Time Traveller’s Guide to Newtonmore – Carving Workshop

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Captain John Macpherson, also known as The Black Officer was born in Glentruim in 1724. He earned a black reputation because many believed his methods of recruiting weren’t always ethical. It’s said that Capt. Macpherson attended every event in the Badenoch area, treating local men to copious amounts of whisky before pressing a shilling in their hands, declaring them enlisted in the King’s Army.

The Black Officer’s Soup Ladle was used by the Captain to serve recruits a bowl of scotch broth. The ladle even made an appearance on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow!!

In this workshop, you get to learn more about the story of Captain John Macpherson, while Michael instructs you on how to carve your very own miniature version of the soup ladle.

As the handling of very sharp tools and knifes is necessary for this workshop, there will be an age restriction and only those aged 18 and over can attend.

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