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Now the Easter holidays are over, it’s back to school for many of us this week. Or, rather, due to lockdown, back to homeschool. We were so disappointed not to be able to welcome those of you who had intended to visit the Cairngorms over the Easter break, due to the Coronavirus outbreak restrictions, but we look forward to when we can again. In the meantime, why not bring a bit of the Cairngorms to homeschool? Learning is so much more fun when it’s about something you’re interested in, or a place you have visited, or are going to visit.

We’ve gathered together these excellent homeschool resources which will transport your mind to the Cairngorms! And you’ll learn a few things ahead of your next trip, to boot!

1. Twinkl Cairngorms Worksheets

cairngorms home school

Read the text carefully and fill in the missing words using the word bank at the bottom
of the page.

Worksheet 1- Twinkl Cairngorms worksheet

Worksheet 2- Cairngorms longer questions worksheet

Both these worksheets are suitable for approximately 8-9 year olds, depending on individual level. Twinkl is offering parents free access to its resources doing lockdown. To access this offer see here. It follows both the Scottish and English curriculums.

2. Which Cairngorms animal are you? CBBC

From munro to glen, the Scottish Cairngorms are filled with some of the most unique creatures in the UK. Take our Cairngorms test to find out which animal best represents you!

Take the quiz

3. The Grampian tour – The Cairngorms BBC Bitesize

cairngorms home school

This video clip, shows Tess learning to use a compass and map in the Cairngorms. She learns about contour lines and looks at the physical features of the mountain environment. Even though you can’t actually visit at the moment, why not look up the Cairngorms on a map and get your compass out too? You could plan your next visit and identify some landmarks you’re going to see when you’re here. This is pitched at roughly 7-11 year olds (key stage 2).

Find out more

4. Scotland Geography Videos, The Cairngorms

escape the city

The lesson plans here are based on the accompanying six videos that cover Aviemore and the Cairngorms. They are also aimed roughly at 7-11 year olds. Topics include, mountains, tourism, weather, safety in the mountains, and farming. The videos will make you feel like you’re really here! You can find them at

Lesson Plans

5. Cairngorms National Park Authority Learning Resources

Free Things to do in the Cairngorms

There are lots of lively ideas in these worksheets to pass the lockdown time. One of our favourite ideas is to create your own mini Cairngorms National Park at home (on this worksheet under the ‘Landscape’ section) through junk modelling by using whatever materials you have at home to create mountains, lochs and forest. Or you could try your hand writing a ‘Cairngorm Lyric’, a type of poem unique to our wonderful park! These resources are suitable for all ages (adults included!).

Learning Resources

6. Cairngorms National Park word search and word scramble

Download Cairngorms word search here

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