Winter Breaks in the Cairngorms – Make your Winter Memorable

Where Winter Comes To Life…Let’s Make It Memorable

Welcome to our The Cairngorms Where Winter Comes to Life series – a celebration of the Cairngorms through the winter.  Choose a winter break full of adventure or a winter recharge…the Cairngorms is the perfect backdrop and your escape is destined to be a memorable one. 

Winter in the Cairngorms is like no other – the magical moments captured in the softer light of winter, wrapped in those extra layers and knowing that there is a cosy fire waiting for us at the end of the day make everything that little bit more special.

There are generations who’s favourite memories are encased in the mountains, lochs and cosy nooks of the National Park…and there are so many more moments to capture this winter.  

The Cairngorms is the UK’s original winter destination and it will bring your winter to life. This winter break visit the Cairngorms National Park and make yours memorable

Dark Skies

Cairngorms winter breaks
Taking in the Aurora. Image: Myrddin Irwin

The dark skies of the Cairngorms are just a little bit special, somehow bigger, darker and where the stars twinkle that bit brighter.  Take a moment to step into the winter night, to look up, take a big breath, and feel the wonder of the night sky.

If you want to dig a bit deeper you could try a Stargazing Storywalk with Sarah from Strathspey Storywalks where the stars will be brought to life, through Gaelic and Pictish stories inspired by the legends of the night sky.  

The Cairngorms Dark Sky Park is another fabulous stop off on your dark skies discovery – learn about stargazing, telescopes, and the wonder of the night sky from the most northerly Dark Sky Park in the world.  Special doesn’t come close!

Landmark Forest Adventure Park

Cairngorms winter breaks
NetWorx at Landmark

Hours and hours of fun, laughter and adventure have been had at Landmark Park since the 1970’s – this iconic spot continues to evolve with the addition of NetWorx (exhausting, exhilarating  and blooming good fun!) and the Ancient Forest Twilights – both new for 2023.  

A wonder around the Ancient Forest at dusk is magical with a boardwalk that meanders through the gently illuminated trees.  This is a really special end to an afternoon of fun at the Park – tired little people become enchanted by the lights, the forest and the magic.

The fully accessible boardwalk is perfect for buggies and those using wheelchairs so everyone can be enchanted – what a perfect end to your day. 

Historical Spots 

Cairngorms winter breaks
Castle Roy in Nethy Bridge

The heritage that envelops the National Park is fascinating.  From the castle nestled on an island in the centre of Loch an Eilein, built as a place of safety against marauding clan war bands; to Ruthven Barracks near Kinguisse, the site of mighty battles that shaped the history of the Highlands – these are special places, where you feel like you are touching history.

Bike ride on Speyside way

cairngorms bike routes
Cycling the Speyside Way between Boat of Garten and Aviemore

Bike rides where everyone is having fun are just magic – those routes where there are enough twists and turns, downs and not too many ups!  

The Speyside Way between Boat of Garten and Aviemore is just right – perfect for independent peddlers who are up for a little challenge, maybe even a little raz around the Woodland Wheels Bike Park when you arrive in Boat.  

These afternoons for budding bike riders are just the best – the first of many Cairngorms biking adventures.  Let rosy cheeks, wide grins and the whoops ring out – these gravel routes are made for you!

Feeding the birds

Characters of the Cairngorms
Feeding the birds at Loch Garten. Image: Ed Smith Photography

Loch Garten is a magical spot; tranquillity and peace can be found on the shores of the Loch.  Feeling a connection to the National Park and its wildlife is grounding.  You can wander the loch side, take some bird seed, and feel the connection between the landscape and its inhabitants.  Back to basics is beautiful.  

Special moments don’t need to be the big moments – an early morning walk, just you and your dog; the quick pint of ale squeezed in at the end of a day that you don’t want to end; gazing over a chilly Loch as dusk falls.  

These special moments are found in abundance in the Cairngorms, waiting to be captured and tucked into our memory bank.  Let the Cairngorms take you to moments of grounding, connection, peace, fulfilment, contentment…or just feeling happy!  

This is just a snapshot of the memorable fun you can have in the Cairngorms…there is a winter full of fun, laughs and magic.  Let the National Park fill your heart with fun and your soul with memories. Read our other blogs from the series to learn why this is where winter comes to life.

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