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Backcountrybiking also known as  Backcountry Operates in a number of spaces but the bottom line is.

Through inspiration, knowledge sharing and gear supply we hope to help you on your first adventure or your biggest..  Adventures and more importantly access to those adventures is what we do on many levels: First off we Hire Mountain and Gravel bikes so visitors can explore the Beautiful Cairngorms we're happy and confident to offer you great route advice whether it's for a 2hour pedal locally or a 5 day bikepacking adventure throught the North west highlands  Bikes come with a helmet and repair kit and are available over multi days if you want. Next up is our bicycle workshop where we can carryout regular servicing and repairs helping you have confidence in your cycle.

Alternatively our public workshop sessions are a great way to FYOB fix your own Bike you can organise time in the workshop with access to some of the tools, You might have the knowledge but not the space or tools to carry out that simple repair.

Another option is booking workshop time with 1 to 1 help from a mechanic  they will help sharing all the hints and tips allowing you to gain the knowledge to to confidently fix your own bike in the future.  We also carry some bicycle accessories and upgrades and spare parts. When it comes to riding adventure and bikepacking is what we do so we have bikepacking bags and camping accessories from leading manufacturers helping you to start measuring you rides in days! A big part of what we do at Backcountry is operate a 'consignment store' basically we sell other peoples good quality outdoor equipment on a commission basis, everything form trail runners to mountain bikes and everything inbetween, choosing to buy or sell used gear is a great way to 'Reduce and Reuse'  .

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Tuesday to Saturday 09:00-17:00 hrs Bike hire can be arranged over the peroid we are closed ie collect end of play Sat return Tues Morning

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