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Green Tourism in the Cairngorms National Park

Responsible Tourism, Sustainable tourism, eco-tourism, Green tourism. There are many labels, but whatever you prefer to call it, the definition remains the same: low impact, environmentally-friendly tourism that cherishes, not destroys. In an age where concern and scientific evidence grows daily about global warming and the human race's generally adverse effects on the planet, the Green sustainable environmentally-aware tourist can only increase in number.
Businesses in the Cairngorms National Park take pride in operating within the guidlines of the Green Tourism Business Scheme. (GTBS) Throughout this site you will see the Green Tourism plaque which signifies that the person you are about to do business with runs their business in a manner that is seeking to lessen it's impact on our environment. If you wish to search for such a business go to the search function over on the left side of this page.

For more information on what the GTBS accreditation means click here. 

View Green Accommodation in the Cairngorms National Park.

Green Tourism - What does it mean?

Green Tourism is Sustainable Tourism - tourism which takes into account the needs of the environment, local residents, businesses, and visitors; now and in the future. It is relevant to any tourism business, large or small, rural or urban, whether focused on ecotourism, business tourism or any other tourism niche market. Green tourism businesses are those actively engaged in reducing the negative environmental and social impacts of their tourism operations.    

How sustainable tourism works for everyone:

•Benefits the environment by conserving resources
•Reduces waste
•Reduces costs through efficiencies and staff awareness
•Fulfils customers expectations of businesses to look after their environment
•Attracts new customers
•Offers business customers in particular green certified suppliers they are increasingly demanding
•Improves your public image
•Improves the customer experience
•Improves the quality of the service you provide
•Benefits the local community
•Supports the local economy
•Reduces congestion and pollution
•Enhances the natural environment